Eagle Rock Brewing's Solidarity @ The York happy hour

Being in music/entertainment PR for years now has taught me one important lesson–watch how you spend your money because the shit can go down any minute. Actually, its been going down in the music industry for years now. Many have felt the blow of mergers and other types of “restructuring.” Poor industry has taken a real beating. Good people being let go all over the place. This is the only industry I know where you are “baptized by lay off.” You’re not really party of the group unless you’ve walked out of the office with all your crap in a box at some point in your career. I guess that’s the business. The best advice came from one of my old bosses when I was given my first real office back at Priority Records in the late ’90′s.  She gave me a dose of reality by telling me, “remember to only bring into your office what you can take out in one box…and in under 5 minutes.” Damn. That’s some ill advice to give to someone. But it’s has a lot of truth in it.

It happens to everyone at every level. Very talented people. Eventually, most rebound or use it as inspiration to start their own biz. Much props goes to those who put their nuts on the line and launch something of their own. Believe me, I know first hand what that entails. I ended up staying at Priority for about 4 years until the company was sold to EMI. That was a great period in my life filled with so many fun times and amazing people. I even met my fiancee there.

I think there’s a bigger lesson  I’ve learned you should save your money whenever you can, especially in a good economy. Save your cash for that proverbial rainy day.  Things will get better (I’m optimistic). In the meantime, I’m appreciating the simple things these days. I’ve sometimes taken some things for granted, like fun times with family/friends…and beer. These things make me happy. The latter can be a relatively inexpensive pleasure if you do it right.

Beer dance with my peeps @ Biscuit Lofts Downtown

Funny how there’s always $ for beer.  Tightening up our belts is no excuse to totally deprive ourselves. Life can suck sometimes, but it sucks big time without something good to drink. Even wine and cocktail people will feel me on this. So now that we’ve decided beer’s not gonna get cut anytime soon, how can we drink more for less?

The LA Weekly recently published a handy guide to their choices for the top 5 craft beer happy hours in the city.


Do you agree? Is there one you think’s missing? We’re always down for a deal, so let us know!

Here are some I think were missing:

Overland Cafe: M-F 4pm-7pm, weekends 8am-3pm. All draft beers are half off. Yeah, half off. This is my favorite. Very good selection. They also have great breakfast and unlimited mimosas ($4.99 per person) and the half off taps deal comes when you order an entree. Best Eggs Benedict in LA. Great deals on all meals during weekdays.  http://overlandcafe.com/

An Overland tap list with brunch info

Senior Fish Downtown LA: M-F 3pm-7pm. All taps are $4. Nice rotating selection. I recently had pints of Victoria, Hoegaarden, New Belgium’s Belgo, and Stone Ruination IPA. http://www.senorfish.net/

Tony E. @ Senior Fish Happy Hour

The York: M-F 3pm-7pm. All taps are $4. They have many good locals here, including Eagle Rock and Golden Road. http://www.theyorkonyork.com/

The York on York

Spring St. Bar: M-F 5pm-8pm. 2 featured handles daily for $4.  Only spot I know where you can get Old Rasputin for $4 outside of happy hour. They also carry one of my favorite limit run brews, Craftsman Acorn Saison. http://springstla.com/

My boy Scottie @ Spring St. Bar

Bar 107: M-F 3pm-8pm. Cheap tall cans of dad beers (PBR, Olympia, Schlitz, Tecate, etc.). They run about $3. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bar-107/46574986149

Bar 107. Pic by Xander Davies

La Cita: M-F 10am-? NUTS! Earliest happy hour I know. They’ve got $2 domestic beers, $3 imports. All bottles. A bunch of other specials and great events. Stop by on the weekend for  Saturday’s “Afternoon Delight” and “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” build-your-own Bloody Mary bar. http://site.lacitabar.com/happyhour

Downtown's La Cita

Red Lion Tavern: M-F 3pm-6pm. All drinks 20% off. Great German selections. www.redliontavern.net

Red Lion Tavern

Yahoo’s Fish Tacos: All day. $1.95 beer of the month. Healthier food. Very good.

Places that don’t really need a happy hour (already priced right):

Tony’s Darts Away: Already priced right between $4.50-$6.00 daily.

Tony Darts Away in Burbank

Mohawk Bend: Same folks and deal as TDA.

Janie sipping a Russian River Blind Pig @ Mohawk Bend

Ladyface: Their own beer will run you between $5-$7 a pint (most at $5 with seasonal selections on the $6-$7). Happy hour M-F 3pm-6pm. Dollar off all brews.

IntheSuds @Ladyface Ale Companie

What are your favorites? Are there any off the wall happy hours you’ve heard about?