“Beer Hotel”: Four Points Sheraton at LAX

  When you think of LAX….great beer does not automatically come to mind. Choices are so limited and overpriced at the airport that getting the hell out of there is usually the main priority. Another option is to simply drown your crankiness with a Double-Double from the nearby In N Out (the burger oasis on Sepulveda Blvd). Yes, the beer [...]


“Hecho En Mexico” @ Beer Company SD

It’s rare when I get really excited about something when it comes to beer these days. After awhile, you tend to feel as if you’ve been there-done that…tasted this and tasted that. Another supper hoppy beer? OK. Oh, another one brewed with chocolate and coffee. Alright. ZZZZZZZZZ. My ear perked up when I caught wind of the stuff the peeps [...]

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Year in Beer: Our Favorites of 2012

It’s that time again when we say goodbye to another year. Was it a good one for you? Hope so. It was a great one for us! We had an incredible time traveling around eating and drinking everything that was put in front of us…and in the process we were able to sample some really good brews. We’ve gone back [...]

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Monsters & Aliens

This is a long overdue post, but we decided to finally get our act together for Halloween and release it. OK…Everyone has heard of Lollapaloza…and and every incarnation of “palooza,” but what do you know about Monsterpalooza? It’s like comic con for sci-fi and horror fans. A place where horror geeks and sci-fi fans (like me) gather to celebrate everything [...]

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Heading out to Hangar 24

Janie and I decided on a whim to break out of LA again to escape this horrible heat wave we’ve been enduring for the past couple of weeks. Having limited A/C at our place made it an easy decision. Deciding where to go was kinda tricky. Where could we go to cool down without having to stay the night or [...]

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Hidden Gem: Figueroa Brewing Company

Ever feel like you just need to get some fresh air? I love LA, but just like anything or anyone you love…it/they can get on your nerves from time to time. Let’s face it, you sometimes need a breather. Funny how a quick trip can recharge your batteries. Actually, taking a road trip reminds me how important the simple things [...]

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Cool Hideaway: Allston Yacht Club

It’s rare to find a cool, low key place in LA where 30-somethings can make themselves at home. If you’re looking for some great brews AND good food—make yourself at home at the Allston Yacht Club (AYC) in Echo Park. Yeah, I know…Echo Park has become hipster central over the years, but this spot’s a little different. If you’re anything [...]

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Summer Series @ Ford Amphitheatre

My favorite time of year is almost here. Man, I love the summer. I dig everything about it…the weather, grilling of all kinds, and catching some really great shows around town—preferably under the stars. What better way to enjoy a warm night than to catch a show at a beauty like the Ford Amphitheatre. If you’ve never been to the [...]

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“Hey Ladies” April Recommendation from Janie
Enjoying the natural apricot flavor without compromising the IPA taste

Anyone who knows me knows I have a sweet tooth. But when it comes to beer, I’m not looking for a sweet fix. Although I admit…beers that reference a fruit always grab my attention.  Still…I hesitate before I order one, dreading the possibility that it might taste too sweet and artificial. Maybe it has something to do with my first [...]

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Great Asian Beers (and Food) at Pho Cafe
Pho Cafe (Pic by Scott Mindeaux)

Vietnamese food. I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’d have it everyday if I could. Pho shops are ubiquitous in LA. Most are so-so. Once in awhile you’ll find a special place. When you do, you gotta put that spot in your dinner rotation. Funny how you quickly start to develop cravings for foods from new places that [...]

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